Creative Marketing During the Pandemic

Creative marketing during the pandemic and how you could build up brand awareness with personal protective equipment.

As the Covid-19 restrictions have already heavily impacted many businesses worldwide, the ones who survive are adapting to the new norms. The impact is statistically visible globally as the total global GDP is estimated to reach -4.9% this year with the hopes of recovering from the strong hit in the first half, while in 2019, it was estimated to be +6.7%. No matter how grim this looks, some companies have found a way to turn restrictions to their advantage.

Masks as a fashion accessory

As masks are a mandatory and efficient way to prevent the virus from spreading and are worn by people daily, they didn’t go unnoticed by big fashion brands and became a new accessory for self-expression. Brands like Disney, LV, Burberry, Apple, and many others have already entered the market and are thriving.

Masks as fan articles

Not only the fashion industry has followed this road. NBA, FIFA, and other brands in various countries produce face masks with their artwork as merchandise. Many sports clubs are selling reusable masks for their fans online, but some have also included disposable masks in their shops. The applications extend beyond it, and as mandatory masks are being introduced in more and more countries, we will likely see the number of clubs that provide these products expand shortly.

Masks for businesses

Using face masks to strengthen one's brand or as a promotional tool has been applied by other businesses in a slightly different form. Companies of various industries use face masks with their custom corporate design and provide them to their employees or guests to ensure safety and a uniform look. Disposable single-use masks are not only more hygienic, have better filtration and protection but are also safer. The low cost of the masks and the high daily consumption makes it a perfect marketing tool. Other means of promotion like leaflets or online ads are even pricier and do not benefit the customer.

Pros and Cons

Altho many companies are chasing in rather nicely from these applications; there are also concerns by the public and negative feedback that companies should not be profiting from a disaster. Companies like Disney constantly donate a share of their profits from masks to charity with similar solutions done by other companies. However, using masks as a marketing tool provides the company with a strong advantage and benefits the public without profiting from the pandemic.

As the pandemic has already entered the second wave and people are afraid of all restrictions becoming stricter again, innovations like this are the ones that help businesses to keep on going. As the saying goes: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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