About us

Problem solvers at heart

We're on a mission to simplify the procurement of medical supplies and related goods so our clients and their teams can spend more time focusing on what's important.

Since 2019, we have helped our clients ship millions of products.

Our customers are medical institutions, production companies, NGOs, and governments.

Cost-Quality Balance

Constant improvement and innovation allows us to strike the perfect balance between market-leading quality and competitive pricing.

Superior Customer Care

Our customers are truly at the core of our business; the brick and mortar of our company.

Global Service Provider

Having offices and employees across the globe allows us to be exactly where we are needed, at the right moment, with no delays.

All-Around Service

We strive to remove as much complexity from our customers as possible. You take care of your business; we take care of the rest.

Obsessed with Quality

Our local QA teams constantly checks and assesses our manufacturing partners and every order we produce for our clients.

Staying Curious

We dedicate time for researching and experimentation to foster creativity and challenge our problem-solving abilities.

Let us introduce ourselves

Founded in Switzerland, Cruso Health has the sole goal of providing innovative solutions, high-quality medical supplies, and personal protective equipment to healthcare workers. Our team is dedicated to identifying, sourcing, and shipping essential medical equipment globally. We work with healthcare providers, individual corporations, and institutions to provide customer-centered healthcare solutions.

Only products that fulfill globally accepted safety and quality standards and pass our rigorous quality control are labeled as Cruso Health products.

Our team includes international experts in healthcare, manufacturing, and supply-chain management. With our offices in Switzerland, China, Panama, UAE, and Lithuania, we have been working with distributors, NGOs, and governments to help protect and equip healthcare workers worldwide.

Our core principles

All of our engagements and investments are guided and evaluated by these three core principles:


We work closely with local communities and governments to develop products that meet local market needs. We strongly believe that 1+1 is greater than 2.


We are investing significant effort into increasing the quality of our products and introducing state-of-the-art technologies at our local production facilities.

Social Impact

We strive for our activities to have a positive impact on the world: from the ethical sourcing of raw materials, to the working conditions of our employees, and beyond.

About Cruso Health

Facts and figures

  • We have been supplying healthcare products to 5 continents.
  • We have sales and support representatives in the US, Europe, UAE, and Latin America, ready to answer your questions at any time.
  • We have our own offices in the Far East, and produce our products only at certified and regularly audited partner facilities.
  • We are adopting agile practices: This enables us to deliver products in large batches faster than our competitors, and to adapt quickly to any special requests from our customers.

12.6% avg. cost reduction

4.8 avg. customer rating

10+ million products shipped

5 locations worldwide

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